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RED Komodo Features

Back in August this year, Jarred Land started to tease about a new “affordable” camera, the RED Komodo. On the RED’s CEO Instagram account, a couple of pictures were unveiled. Also, there is a 200+ pages long forum thread on REDUser to discuss the new camera. We learned a lot about what the camera won’t be, including:

It is not DSMC3, and it is not a replacement for DSMC2.It is not 8K VV; the Komodo is not a Dragon/Helium/Gemini/Monstro sensor.It does have a 4K SDI output port but no HDMI out port.

Also, it has no XLR ports, but it features a 3.5mm microphone input and a headphone jack.It is the first camera to record on non-proprietary media. Indeed, it records onto CFast cards.

It is not a “module” that you attach to another RED camera.It will cost around $5000/$6000.

RED Hydrogen owners should get a discount or a special offer.It features a Canon RF lens mount and does not have a fixed lens.

ts body does not weight more than 2 pounds; it is a “box” design that is no larger than 4 inches in any dimension.

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